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The product manager oversees a product’s development from start to finish. The chaos brought on by Covid has made this stability more appealing than ever.  The product manager position is getting more challenging. Not only does a product manager need to juggle multiple teams and responsibilities, the standard for quality is also rising ever higher. […]

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In an increasingly harried and worried world, effective product managers are more critical than ever. Product managers are a stabilizing force. They provide consistent oversight on a project’s development, keep all workers on the same page, and ensure the product vision isn’t lost in the shuffle. Product management has seen a surge in interest over […]

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With the rush to combat the COVID-19 vaccine and benefit from federal government incentives, many scientists are shifting to vaccine development. New vaccines are being developed to meet demand and strive toward herd immunity. Who Creates Vaccines? Traditionally, pharmaceutical and bioprocess companies have developed vaccines for highly contagious viruses and diseases such as Ebola. But […]

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While it has been around since the 1950s, reinforcement learning has evolved and grown, enhancing various applications across industries and enabling businesses to run more efficiently and productively. We’ll explore what some of these reinforcement learning applications are and how they improve our world today.  What is Reinforcement Learning? Reinforcement learning is a system in […]

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As governments across the world struggle to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, it has created and fast-tracked COVID-19 vaccine development. The world will need billions of people to be vaccinated to establish herd immunity. The COVID-19 impact on the vaccine development business has been substantial and will continue to be as new variants mutate and spread. […]

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What Does a Product Manager Do? The product manager, put simply, is the glue that holds teams together. With their diverse skill set, they ensure products are executed properly and delivered on time.  Product managers (very similar to project managers) often manage multiple teams, ranging from marketing to product testing. Not unlike a film director, […]

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Studying consumer behavior consistently and thoroughly is what separates successful businesses from their peers. Covid is one of the biggest influences on consumer behavior today…but how? From switching to remote work to using same-day grocery delivery, life looks a little different today. While many of these services were already available in the past, they’ve now […]

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Healthcare is well-known as a stressful industry for both its workers and patients. Thanks to machine learning and cleverly designed user interfaces, it doesn’t have to be this way. UX healthcare design often struggles to be friendly to its users. There are too many steps involved to execute a simple task, like setting up an […]

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Startups come and go on a seemingly daily basis. They all seem like fantastic ideas at the time, but also boast a high turnover rate and struggle to stick around for more than a few years. So which startups have the staying power to make a good investment?  There are a few practical ways to […]

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There are many ways these advancements have aided the healthcare field. These are just some of the ways that you too can help your patients better through the use of technology.  Related: COVID-19 the Unsung Heros  Mobile App Technology in the Medical Field The addition of mobile application technology to the medical field has opened […]