COVID-19: The Unsung Heroes

The pandemic. Immunity. Vaccines. Death numbers. Infection rates. To mask or not to mask. As 2021 begins, these are the topics that have dominated our lives for almost a year.

It’s no surprise that the much talked about and obvious heroes through all of this have been frontline healthcare workers, hospitals, first responders, and now the various vaccine makers. But what about other healthcare companies that have been working behind the scenes on COVID-19 that we haven’t heard as much about? The ones that work on saving lives every day – whether it’s life-saving cancer drugs, clinical trials, research, etc.

Outside of laboratory diagnostics firms and testing kits suppliers, many healthcare and pharma companies have developed COVID-19 testing capabilities or are working on potential treatments, while also continuing to focus and deliver on their day-to-day businesses.

Examples of just a few of these companies include:

Guardant HealthAmgen
ThermoFisher ScientificRegeneron
Roche GroupRoche Group

Since accuracy is crucial, this takes a tremendous amount of time, capability, and resources for these organizations – primarily with staffing the right talent. Companies often struggle to build quality control, engineering teams. Positions involving systems, procedures, manufacturing, and traceability are all very highly specialized roles with few candidates – and in this case, it’s a life-or-death matter.

The Bottom Line

During this time of uncertainty, loss and fear, so much has been at stake for both the healthcare industry and the general population. There have been so many heroes in this pandemic, and no doubt, there will continue to be more. This undoubtedly includes the work of healthcare companies across the world as they focus on their own businesses, while also doing their part to help eradicate the virus.