Energy & Renewables: Finding the Talent You Need

According to environmental forecasts, renewables will continue to climb this year, especially as the focus increases on solar, wind, green hydrogen, and other renewable energies. Energy companies are hard at work – electric vehicle makers, energy storage distributors, solar manufacturers, and so many more. But as their technologies gain more traction and potentially take off, a successful energy company recruiting strategy is needed as jobs pick back up to execute on their business goals.

As seen with the Biden administration’s energy plan and, more recently, the grid failure in Texas, there will be significant investment in this sector in coming years. But how does this affect talent? Talent pools in this space, especially in the engineering and R&D sectors, are severely lagging behind the market needs. This is where innovative recruitment strategies from companies like Sage Talent could play a role in bridging the gap and finding qualified talent to make the energy industry thrive.


Sage Talent recently conducted a talent search for one of the largest energy storage companies in the world to fill a director of engineering position to manage massive cloud storage infrastructure. As soon as Sage Talent received information on the position, it was clear that this would be a challenging role to fill. There is already a shortage of qualified technical candidates in the industry so the search would have to extend beyond companies in the energy space. The role also required high complexity and massive scale of systems at a senior level, another qualification where candidates are sparse in the sector. With this limited talent pool, Sage had to design a viable search strategy so that not only was each and every possible candidate uncovered, but a compelling case would need to be made to secure candidate interest in the role and company as well.

Scale was key. Few related industries have the scale that energy companies have in terms of dealing with systems on a massive scale, except IoT. The majority of IoT companies and engineers come from high-volume environments. Since energy companies are involved primarily in collecting and processing massive amounts of data in real-time, it’s imperative to source and hire talent that comes from a background dealing with an unprecedented amount of data, in this case IoT. It’s crucial to conduct thorough research and map out companies of large scale to find and qualify high caliber candidates. Learning how to effectively qualify a candidate’s experience in large systems is crucial. This is done through effective screening on knowledge and experience.   


Once potential candidates are found, considering the much smaller talent pool, getting them interested in such roles and companies comes next. Along with the brand of the company, an experienced leadership team and salary, it’s important to be clear on the scale that the role offers. Experience in scale is very appealing to candidates, because the more challenging (in a good way!) a role or environment is, the further career growth and development they will have. Another compelling component is funding. It’s always a plus with energy companies that have garnered a fair amount of funding or are planning to IPO (or recently have). These companies are appealing to candidates because they soak up talent quickly, and also see salaries increase at a higher rate.  

The Result

Through implementing a thoughtful and efficient sourcing strategy, conducting the relevant research, developing compelling messaging, and identifying the prime market and talent pool, Sage was able to fill the position quickly with an ideal candidate. The data and analytics that were used in the search drove a successful and customized recruiting strategy that this energy client will continue to use for many more roles to come.