Pay As You Grow

We Keep Recruiter Costs Low

Our average Cost-Per-Hire is the LOWEST in the Industry

We use a different approach when it comes to recruiter costs. The parallel nature of our teams makes our candidate search faster than recruiting firms. There aren't enough hours in a day for one recruiter to find and call everyone who might fit your role. We take the grunt work off your plate by tackling the most laborious part: talent search and outreach.

Pay As-you-Grow

Pay monthly, and only for work completed. If your search halts, so will billing.

Data, Not Opinions

Get Access to Sage Dashbaord. Keep the data forever, including all the leads and response feedback.

Turn Us On/Off:

Fill a role, and come back to us when you want to fill another.

Average Cost per Hire







Looking for a specific job role?

Sage Talent has the utmost confidence that we can find you a great candidate and help you optimize your recruiting efforts. To prove it, we provide a 2-week trial. We’ll work with your HR, conduct an initial search, and audit your recruitment process with our custom reporting.